The best way to start the moving process is to contact your closest moving company and ask them for a free in home estimate to get an understanding of the amount it will cost to move your belongings. ​

By starting out the process with a free in home estimate, you as the customer can learn valuable information that could in fact make your moving experience even easier. ​

An estimate allows the customer to gain knowledge of what is expected from their end and the movers, help layout a full moving plan for you, and answer any questions you may have regarding the move. ​


There are three different types of moving to be considered within in the moving industry. The first one being local moving, the second type is intrastate moving, and the third type is interstate moving. ​

Local moving is the most straightforward moving that there is. With local moving you are charged a set hourly price depending on the number of men needed for your job. Any additional charges, such as packing, will be included. Then at the end of the day we will total your hours and present the bill. ​

Intrastate moving is all moving done within the state that we operate out of. So for Harlow Moving, intrastate would be considered the state of Illinois. An in home estimate will need to be completed first. From there we will figure your estimate by weight and miles. Any other charges such as packing will be added on to your estimate to show the final cost of the move.​

Interstate moves are carried out by starting with an in home estimate. From there we will figure your moving cost by weight and miles. Also any other charges will be added on to the estimate to make it complete for you.


When a customer calls a moving company to help move to their new home, they are looking for someone that they can trust with their belongings. At Harlow Moving we take the transportation of your goods very seriously. Not only are we cautious and strategic in loading your furniture to assure safety, we also offer protection of your goods.​