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"We Move your life"

We move your life is not just our motto it's our job. As an interstate agent for  Wheaton World Wide Moving, we are determined to take the burden out of moving and make it a smooth transition for you. By providing you with experienced professionals, the necessary moving materials, and proficeint customer service we make moving simple. 

About Us

Local Moving

As a small local business in Southern Illinois we provide the residents of this area with professional moving from beginning to end. ​At Harlow Moving and Storage we have a plethora of packing materials that can be used to protect your belongings during the move. ​The day of the move a team of experienced movers will arrive at your home ready to provide you with a thorough and careful move. ​Once at your new home our men will carefully bring in your items and place them accordingly in your home. ​For further inquiries about moving or any of our other services please contact our office!

Interstate Moving

Packing up your items for a weeks vacation, planning all your stops, travel time, hotels, etc. can be a hassle and very stressful. Interstate moving is no different. Moving your entire household goods to entirely new state can wear a person down.
At Harlow Moving and Storage we take the stress out of the move all together. With our diverse range of services, experienced men, and up to date equipment, we will make the transition a smooth one.
Just like with local moving, our men are trained to pack and load your belongings effectively and efficiently to ensure safety while traveling to your new residence. ​Each shipment that is loaded with a team of our men can be assured that our men will be on the delivery portion of the move as well. This way you as the customer has already established a relationship with our men at the origin.  
 For further inquiries about moving or any of our other services please contact our office!​​​

Experienced Movers

 There are many elements that help a moving company thrive and continue on with a successful business model for years to come. A diverse set of equipment to help you tackle all of your moving needs, determination to succeed in the business, the right business model to help bring in customers. The main element to running a successful business is its employees. ​Anybody will tell you that employees are the key to a successful business. Here at Harlow Moving and Storage, we have known that for many years and is one of the many reasons why we have been open since 1935.​We treat our employees like family and train them to be the best movers that they can be. Our employees learn all portions of the move that way they can work as a team to ensure your move is done properly and adequately 

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